Eisa exchange event with young people in Jakarta, Indonesia

On Friday, March 29th , we held an Eisa cultural exchange event in Jakarta, Indonesia .

This project aims to expand the Uchina network in Indonesia by carrying out a cultural exchange project between the Eisa organization "U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia" , which spreads Okinawan culture in Jakarta , and young people dispatched from within the prefecture. 

From Okinawa, Mr. Futenma (Nanjo City Oshiro Youth Association), chairman of the Okinawa Prefectural Youth Association, and Mr. Shiroma (Uruma City Gushikawa Youth Association) also participated.


In the first part, we introduced Okinawan culture and made Paaranku using a cardboard kit.

<Explanation on how to make Paanku and the QR code sticker that allows you to access WUN>

<Making Paanku using cardboard>

<Drawing on the World Uchinanchu Day sticker>

<One participant drew portraits of young people from the Gushikawa Youth Association, it was too good! >

There were 20 participants , ranging from children to adults . Next, we used the created Paaranku to experience Paaranku. I learned how to use the Paranku from Mr. Shiroma of the Gushikawa Youth Association in Uruma City.
<Experience the style of Paanku of Gushikawa Youth Association>


80 people participated in the second part !

First, the visitors from Okinawa introduced themselves. We introduced recommended foods in Okinawa, and as expected from the two members of the Youth Association! They made the participants smile.


We also donated tools such as a paranku that we collected from within Okinawa Prefecture.


The tools were donated by the following people. thank you very much.


Paranku and drumsticks (for children) 5 pieces Izumi Nursery School Yomitan Village

Paranku and drumsticks (general) 5 pieces Gushikawa Youth Association Uruma City

Paranku and drumsticks (general) 5 pieces Akano Youth Association Uruma City

Shime-daiko (general) 1 piece Anonymous

Drum drumsticks (general) Gushikawa Youth Association Uruma City


<Urumacity Youth group writing messages to the overseas people>


<Gushikawa Youth Association and Akano Youth Association. We also took a message video and it was really nice! Look forward to sharing it later! >

< U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia received the Paranku and message >

< Message of thanks from Pepen, the representative>

U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia was established in 2002 and is made up of all Indonesian members.
They perform in various parts of Indonesia, and are also involved in the development of sister groups as an Eisa group from Southeast Asia that embraces this spirit.
The tools donated this time will be used to teach Eisa to children and sister organizations!

The children immediately started dancing Eisa using the donated equipment.


The dance performance by U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia was very dynamic, with choreography that mixed elements of Balinese and other traditional dances from Indonesia!


Okinawan traditional Eisa was also performed.


And finally, Kachashi!
This time, they taught the Shime-daiko style of U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia to young Okinawan people and danced with them.


It was a very exciting exchange until the end!

Even after the event ended, the two members of the youth group remained popular and the photo shoots never stopped.

Mr.Ota, president of the Jakarta Okinawa-kai, Association of Okinawa Kenjinkai also came to support us with his family!


It was a very moving event to learn that there is such a strong feeling for Okinawa and Eisa in Indonesian.


It was also published in the local Jakaruta newspaper.

We receive a lot of cooperation in organizing this event.
Pepen-san, President, Heti-san, the group leader, Tara-san, the interpreter of and U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia,  Jakarta Okinawa-kai for their great cooperation in organizing this event, as well as everyone who participated.

I would like to say this. thank you very much!

* Some photos provided by: U-maku Eisa Shinka Indonesia


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