Okinawan KEMPI Students’ Okinawa Adventure Episode【Stephanie Mai Brittle】


①What surprised you after arriving in Okinawa that is different from your own country (rules, cultural, etc)

I am always so amazed by the kindness of people in Okinawa. People from the Kumiai and the culture center help take care of me and cheer me on while I am on my kenpi journey. I don’t think that I will ever experience this sort of kindness anywhere else.

②Where is your favorite place or place you want to recommend in Okinawa (a store, tourist spot, etc)
I recommend going to Nakagusuku Castle and Shuri Castle. It’s interesting to see 2 styles of castles that represent Okinawan culture and history, and this is an opportunity to see Shuri Castle under construction. If you love Sooki soba, I suggest going to Tedako in Urasoe or Summaneh in Kokuba, Naha.

③How do you spend your days off in Okinawa?
On my days off I like to go to the places that I have pinned on my Google maps. I am always looking for somewhere that has good matcha or other tea lattes. I also volunteer at some English conversation groups!


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