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Mr. Akira Yamauchi President of the Okinawa Hawaii Association


Mr. Akira Yamauchi


I am from the Okinawa Hawaii Association Akira Yamauchi. Currently, from this year I am working at the Okinawa Hawaii Association president. Nice to meet you.

Current Activities

The Okinawa Hawaii Association, is connected with the Hawaii United Okinawa Association in Hawaii, currently we are doing things like goodwill exchanges, and cultural exchanges. The Association was created about 58 years ago. The forbearers wanted to create close friendship between Hawaii and Okinawa. The association seeks to take in the good points of Hawaii, and filling in and improving on those points that are lacking in Okinawa, thus working hard to restore the nation. That is why, At Okinawa festivals in Hawaii, we send exchange groups to participate, and have them do presentations, or other sorts of goodwill exchange. As well as Hawaii-Okinawa High school Exchange Program, that we operate that just came up on its 30th anniversary. This sort of support system is what the Hawaii association is putting a lot of work into, cooperating with them, and meet and greets or courtesy visits with the governor.

Future Outlook

The Okinawa Hawaii Association is working with a focus on the Business world. The Generation is now moving to that of the young people. In doing that, the young people and speaking about the so called Uchinanchu, the “Shinkanuchā Network” putting hard work into the net work of the younger generation, As the Okinawa Hawaii Association I have been thinking that. That is why, from this year forward, it seems that Hawaii will also have a “Shinkanuchā network” Including those who went to the same high school, or those who did exchanges together, the number of those who completed a high school exchange is more than 700 people. With a focus on these people, I would like to facilitate, strengthen, and create a bond between these young people.

A Message to the Youth

While cultural exchange is of course important, or taking good care of the Uchinanchu Identity, While at the same time finding the good points through exchange with others and taking them in. In the end, Education, culture, and the love of humanity, all of that is things that I learning thought exchange. I want young propel to have this perspective, and closer, and I hope that they have a closer connection to each of the people around them. I want to support the Icharibachode mindset that whoever you meet is your brother or sister to create truly big family.


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