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Connecting Okinawa and Hawaii through Astronomy

Career history I currently work as an astronomer, and the reason I wanted to become...

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A Japanese female astronomer with a specialty in galaxy formation and evolution. She is a Public Outreach Specialist for the Subaru Telescope at the NAOJ Hawaii Observatory. Born in Okinawa, Japan. Her participation in a NASA-sponsored space camp inspired her to pursue her career in space. She has held research positions at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics in France in 2008, the California Institute of Technology in 2010, University of Chicago in 2011, and at her current position since September 2013.

After realizing that Okinawa and astronomy had a very deep connection, I fell more in love with Okinawa and I felt that I was able to learn about my own identity through astronomy.

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Let’s get together and mingle, everyone!

What made you come to Okinawa? I got a plane ticket to Japan in 1985 as the win...

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The kind of music I'm aiming for is shimauta (Okinawan folk music). I would be overjoyed if one day Uchinanchu categorized our music as shimauta.

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