A Webinar to Promote Fundraising for Lahaina

In Lahaina, Maui, wildfires that broke out on August 8, 2023 left more than 100 dead and caused extensive damage including historic buildings. Lahaina had a large population of people from Okinawa even within Maui, and once had a large Okinawan community. During post-war Okinawa relief activities, many relief supplies were delivered from Lahaina in hopes of the reconstruction of the mother island, Okinawa.

Today, we will trace the history of Okinawans in Lahaina, Maui, and share with you the damage caused by Lahaina and the fundraising activities of the Okinawa Hawaii Association (Okinawa) and the Hawaii Okinawa Association (Hawaii). In addition, the Hawaii State Library, which has a sister library agreement with Okinawa Prefectural Library, will look back on the history of the damaged Lahaina Public Library.

Lahaina: A Town in Maui where Many Uchinanchu Settled

[Date and time]
September 26th(Tue)
15:00-16:30(Hawaii ST)
21:00-22:30(Eastern DT)

Hiroaki Hara, Okinawa Prefectural Library(Reseacher of Okinawan Migration )

Japanese, English, Portuguese, and Spanish (simultaneous interpretation)

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