Fourth training for planning the World Uchinanchu day

This training, participants presented the details of their booths at the 55th Okinawa Youth Furusato Eisa Festival!
Guests included JICA Japanese community trainees Nicolás Higa, third generation Argentinean Nikkei and Lucas Dakuzaku, fourth generation Brazilian Nikkei.

The purpose of the booth is to promote World Uchinanchu Day and the Uchinanchu Network.
We imagined the kind of people who would come to the festival and thought about how to attract them and promote the Uchina Network.
We decided to sell goods at our booth.
We will be selling international drinks with exotic flavours, and we will also have a 100 yen raffle for children and adults.
After the presentation, the two guests and staff commented on the presentation. 
They also gave advice on popular drinks and snacks in South America and referred to an Okinawan festival held in the two guests' home countries.

Participants will be preparing for the show! 
Everyone, please keep your  Sunday, September 24 for this Festival!
More details about the festival will be posted at a later date.

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