Promoting the World Uchinanchu Day in Yomitan

"For 100 yen, you could win that big popcorn!"
Primary schools children came to the booth, enticed by the 100 yen raffle's first prize - popcorn!
October 30th is the World Uchinanchu Day, which everyone should know about.

UNC (Uchinaw Network Concierge) set up a booth at the 55th Okinawa Youth Furusato Eisa Festival to promote 'World Uchinanchu Day'.

After thinking about how to PR the World Uchinanchu Day, which has not been recognized by Okinawans, together with about 10 students and young working adults who participated in 'World Uchinanchu Day Planning and Development Training' since June, we held a '100 yen raffle to win sweets from around the world' and sold 'South American drinks', which are rarely available in Okinawa!

The event was very popular with the children and also with people from overseas.
While they were aiming for the first prize of the 100 yen raffle, they also learnt about the Uchina Network through the quiz.

We wondered if the children who came for the popcorn remembered what day October 30 was, but it was a good opportunity to let as many people as possible know about the Uchina Network!

How did you spend this year's World Uchinanchu Day?
We would love to hear about 'Your World Uchinanchu Day this year'!

We look forward to hearing from you on WUN Instagram!

First training for planning the World Uchinanchu day

Third training for planning the World Uchinanchu day

Fourth training for planning the World Uchinanchu day

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