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Alexandro Afuso Sueyoshi (2019 Exchange Student Sponsored by the Prefecture)


Alexandro Afuso Sueyoshi


Gusuuyo, Hajimitei, Alexandro Sueyoshi Afuso, Yaibin. I am Alexandro Afuso Sueyoshi from Peru.


The Okinawa Association in Peru is very big, and it holds many events through the year. For example, on Ichyariba-choodee everyone gets together and listens to Okinawan music, and sings and dances and there are all sorts of things to do. There is also the Okinawa Festival in February.


The reason as to why I came to Okinawa is, the Ryukyuan sanshin, because I want to study traditional music. The reason why I want to study the music of Ryukyu is because, there is barely anyone is doing it in Peru. So in the future it will probably disappear, for that reason I want to study it and return to Peru, and spread the music through teaching about it.

Current Activities

I am currently studying at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. I am studying classical Ryukyu music in the Ryukyu performing arts course. I am learning sanshin, kucho, flute, and taiko used in the classical music.

Future Outlook

In the future, I want to make music that is a mix between Okinawan and my own and I want to share it with the world.

A Message to the Youth

 Okinawa’s culture and tradition is very beautiful, interesting, so please hold the feeling that you are Uchinanchu. It is very important so please do it, and teach others. Let’s all try out hardest together.


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