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Kyoung Sun Hwang 2019 Exchange Student Sponsored by the Prefecture


Kyoung Sun Hwang


I am Kyoung Sun Hwang from Korea. It is nice to meet you. Korea is above Japan, and now many young people in Japan are learning about k-pop and Korean culture.


My mother is from Okinawa, Ever since I was a child I heard many stories from her about Okinawa. I became interested in it and so I decided to study here.

Current Activities

Currently, I have been studying at The University of the Ryukyus for about a year, I am studying Okinawan culture and history. I’m interested in art, so I would like to study more about Okinawan traditional music and art.

Future Outlook

What I am thinking about now is that I would like to understand the bond between Okinawa and Korea, and then work as a guide to introduce it to others.

A Message to the Youth

The fact that I learned that there are many Uchinanchu at this time is a little embarrassing, but I would like to correspond with them on the internet network.


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