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Lou Shu Ejao(2019 Exchange Student Sponsored by the Prefecture from China)


Lou Shu Ejao


Good evening. Nice to meet you, my name is Xue Jiao Lu. I am from Fujian. Now, I am studying Okinawan culture and history at the University of the Ryukyus.
Ah----I don’t really much about the Okinawa Associations
Fujian is in the south eastern part of China. Fujian and Okinawa have had a connection for many years. Fujian and Okinawa have a very close friendship. Naha and Fuzhou are also very close cities. In Okinawa you have Fukushū-en. In Fuzhou they have the free to enter Ryukyu Building.


Because I am a public employee of Fujian, every year for work Fujian has one or two exchange students, last year, the Students who when from Fujian to Okinawa--- Excuse me--- let me say that again. Sorry---
I am a public employee of Fuzhou, for work, last year, I participated in the Okinawa prefecture exchange exam and came here.

Current Activities

Since coming to Okinawa I have done a lot of learning in the field. I went and saw Okinawa Prefectural Public Art Museum. I also have class about Okinawan culture, so I also went and experienced Bingata with my professor. It was very fun.

Future Outlook

It’s something within Okinawa, but I originally wanted to study Okinawan culture, so I would like to try and participate in a lot of activities.

A Message to the Youth

Okinawa is a place that is filled with wonder, if everyone comes here to Okinawa, and is able to experience the culture, they will see it is a place filled with wonder. Okinawa has is a place that you have an inseparable bond with, please come here, and experience Okinawa, and work hard to make it a better place.


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