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Melissa Uechi (2019 Exchange Student Sponsored by the Prefecture from Bolivia)


Melissa Kamiji


My name is Melissa Kamiji. I’m from Bolivia.
I became very interested in Okinawa after I participated in Youth Uchinanchu Festival 2016. Then last year, I decided to apply for the Okinawa prefectural scholarship program.

Current activities

The program I applied has both studying and internship program. The first 6 months, I studied Japanese at University of the Ryukyus, and now I am at JICA Okinawa Center doing my internship.

Future Outlook

I have been thinking about that a lot now. When I first return to Bolivia, I want to be involved in a work to popularize this Okinawa prefectural student exchange program. The reason I was able to find my true Uchinanchu identity by coming to Okinawa was because of this prefectural funding system. I want other Uchinanchu to be proud of who they are, so I would like to offer as much as possible by getting involved with Kenjinkai related works.


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