Okinawa Performing Arts Performance “OKINAWA LIVE SHOW!” The long-awaited video is now available online!

In the midst of the difficulty with domestic and international travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to promote the appeal of Okinawan performing arts online both domestically and internationally, the Okinawa Performing Arts Performance "Okinawa Live Show" web site was established. The webcast is available on our website.

Free videos of Okinawan performing arts such as Ryukyuan dance, Okinawan theater, Okinawan folk songs, Eisa, Kumiodori, and others are available from a variety of performing arts in Okinawa.

You can select Japanese, English, or Chinese (traditional or simplified) subtitles for the commentary, lyrics, and other various lines for each video, so please watch the videos as a first step to learn about Okinawan performing arts and Shimakutoba.

Official Web Site:



Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

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