[Kaiho Yoshu Program 2022] 4th Learning Program~Post Training~

On Saturday, August 27, a post-training session was held in the multipurpose room of Tedako Hall in Urasoe City.

At the beginning of the training, each group showed their presentation. The contents had their learnings and action plans based on the two days of training. One of the groups will be able to present at "YUNTAKU LIVE" hosted by the Hawaii Uchinanchu Association.

In each group's presentation, they shared not only their interest in Hawaii, but also their emerging interest in Okinawan culture and traditions, as well as the joy of interacting with young people in Hawaii and Uchinanchu in Hawaii.
In the course of these studies, each group thought about how to pass on the Uchinanchu community, Okinawa's culture and history, and Kaiho Yohshu's learning through action plans.

Many ideas were proposed, such as using social media to communicate, or writing articles about cultural differences and learning at Kaiho Yohshu. All of the group presentations were excellent and measurable!

Afterwards, the participants reflected on their group activities. In addition to sharing with the group what they were able to do and what they were not able to do, they also shared their suggestions with each other. I feel that the participants were able to deepen their learning by reflecting on their respective activities.

After the presentations, we listened to what they learned from the Kaiho Yohshu program and their actions after the program by Ms. Mirai Teruya and Ms. Ayaka Oshiro. They were Kaiho Yohshu alumni.

I believe that the training was a great opportunity to learn about different perspectives and different approaches from the action plans that each of them had come up with, and to better connect them to my own future activities.

At the end of the training, we put together on paper the action plans that we would like to work on first after completing this training. I believe that by putting our individual action plans into words, we were able to raise our awareness toward our respective future activities.

It was a very good experience for me to finish the training from the pre-training to the main training. Not only did we learn about the connection between Hawaii and Okinawa and the significance of the global Uchinanchu network, but through fieldwork and interaction with Hawaiian youth and Uchinanchu, I feel that we made new discoveries that we had never made before. We hope that this will lead to future activities of the participants.

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