[Kaiho Yoshu Program 2022] 4th Learning Program~pre-session~

\The 2022 Kaiho Yohshu Network Building Project has begun! /

Preliminary training was conducted in person in JICA Okinawa Center. (Also, we had participation from remote islands' students by zooming). 

During the first day's session, we had an orientation regarding this program and ice-breaking session to make confortable atmosphere for interaction. Likewise, they learned more about Uchinanchu around the world. 

In the first part of the pre-session, students introduced themselves and had an ice break session. They showed a funny reaction game using the whole body and it was combined with the introduction of names and favorite things to do. One of the questions was "If you were a vegetable, what would you be?" Each participant shared what kind of vegetable they felt identified themselves to each other. The participants were able to combine their personalities with the characteristics of vegetables and fruits, and their individual personalities came out.

In the second part after the short break, each group shared the homework's answer that was assigned before to start the event. The question was "What is the best way to describe the Uchina Network with only one Kanji?" Each group presented their answer. Previously, each group had researched about the history of immigrants and the Uchina network. And they chose the kanji as their criteria. It was a very interesting and deep part.

Afterwards, we asked the group, "What is the Uchina network in the world like?" and deepened our learning together. We invited Samantha Maesato as our guest to introduce Hawaii and to talk about her own connection to Okinawa.

It was a valuable time because the students learned more about the relationship between Okinawa and Hawaii.



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