The 5th session of Uchina Junior Study 2021

August 29, the five study program of the Uchina Junior Study Project was conducted online.

"Skill Champuru Festival" was the most exciting program this time.
The participants were divided into teams and each showed off their special skills!
Karate, crafts, sign language, music, and many more🤩
Two of the youth leaders were in charge of this program, and the participants had a lot of fun together! Great job!


Next, team meeting for the results reporting session to be held on October 17!

This was the last day for the overseas participants and domestic participants to participate in the program together. They will keep in touch with each other to prepare for the reporting session.
Domestic participants will have training in September and October.🏃‍♂️

In early September, four participants went to the radio to record the event on behalf of the domestic participants. Please look forward to the broadcast in October!

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